Pre-Assembled Partitions


At Interpack we produce both corrugated and chipboard partitions designed to meet your specific packaging requirements. Partitions are fabricated on specialty die-cutters capable of running both web-fed and sheet chipboard or corrugated. Automatic equipment is used for efficient assembly of either type of material. So when it comes to pre-assembled partitions, Interpack is second to none!

Chipboard Partitions

We offer "INTERSTAK", which is a proprietary high-performance chipboard with improved stacking and handling strength. We also offer multi-cell partitions and top and bottom lock up. We can also run automation compatible partitions. 

Corrugated Partitions

Our corrugated partitions are available in single or double wall and increase stacking performance. These partitions also improve cushioning characteristics and are excellent for export applications. We also offer 6-cell glued, coated, and automation compatible partitions.